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Everlast duffel bag with capacity of 60 liters

  • Brand: Everlast
  • Type: Sports Bag 60L
  • A large sports bag where you can carry all your stuff
  • Material: Polyester
  • Contents of bag: 60 liters
  • Legal warranty: 2 years
  • The expected shipping date of this product is 25 December 2012
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More information

Anyone who has ever seen a boxing match knows the name Everlast. But secretly, this is not where the brand came from. The brand comes from the world of swimming. At age 17 Jacob Golomb was terribly annoyed with the quality of swimwear. As the son of a tailor, he had some knowledge textile and so he began making swimsuits that would last for a whole year. Thus, he came up with a name: Everlast, because the swimsuits seemed to last for forever. Seven years later Everlast began making professional boxing materials. Muhammad Ali has knocked down many with his Everlast gloves. Because of the high quality of the equipment, the brand became very popular and by now wears the reputation of quality and durability for almost 100 years. The bag is made of excellent materials and will last for years. The bag is nice and big, so all your stuff will fit in with ease. A nice bag to take with you for a good kicking in the gym.