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Daily Deals

The best A-brand deal that iBOOD has to offer in various categories at the lowest price you can find online. And as you might guess, the deal is only available TODAY. Until midnight, to be exact, or until sold out. At midnight, we will replace today's iBOOD for the iBOOD of tomorrow and the iBOOD of today will become iBOOD yesterday. Get it?

Flash Sales

A group of offers we've put together because they share something. They might be all of the same brand for example. Or a specific theme. Mother's Day for example, or Christmas gifts, Adventure Vouchers .. well, you get the idea. Not only does a Flash Sale contain multiple offers, it is also available for several days .. but, just like the Daily Deal only as long as supplies last. So don't wait too long!


A tornado of hundreds of deals! For 24 or 48 hours one after another monster deal rapidly follow eachother non-stop and for each deal applies: limited stock so hurry!

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Secret Deals

As the name implies, a secret deal. Exclusive deals from top brands at an absolute bot-tom price not available on the regular iBOOD that you get specially offered by a smoking figure in raincoat. Sometimes he can be found on Facebook. Sometimes on Twitter, and sometimes he comes to you via email, so make sure you follow us in all ways!


The deal iBOOD community has nearly 2 million members! We all have at least one thing in common: we are crazy about beautiful products, from the best brands against unbeatable prices: Super Deals. The community is active in the iBOOD Product Forum, where we share experiences. Ask each other questions. Help each other further. And where we are in regular contact with Product Experts: a representative of the manufacturer that is available to answer your questions! Of course Social Media is not lacking, so also on Twitter and Facebook the community meets regularly.