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Cookie Policy

Cookies, web analysis services and social media

We aim to make your online experience on our website as pleasant as possible and, therefore, in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 sub-section f of the GDPR, we make use of cookies, web analysis services and social media plug-ins.

To this end, we use various cookies and services to ensure the functionality of our website and to make the website as informative and user-friendly as possible for you. We consider it important that you can surf our website comfortably and the continuous optimisation of our website has an important role in this. This includes, for example, the pre-filling in of boxes in forms, so you do not have to keep re-entering data and can save your chosen settings. In addition, we consider it important that content displayed to you on our website reflects your genuine interests and therefore improves your online experience.

However, this is never at the expense of the careful handling of your personal data. For this reason, you can find detailed information below on the use of cookies and services on this website. Naturally, you have the option to disable all cookies and services deployed on our website. This can be done either by blocking or deleting cookies via your internet browser or not clicking on OK in the cookie bar. You should take into consideration that each browser you use must be disabled separately.

1. Functional cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed in your browser history and enable you to reproduce the settings and other changes you have made during your next visit.

These functional cookies guarantee that our website functions properly. These cookies are stored by us for a maximum of one year, after which they are automatically deleted. These cookies make the following functions possible, for example:

  • storing products that you have placed in your shopping basket;
  • storing details you have entered during check-out or while placing an order, so you do not have to re-enter the details;
  • storing your standard settings, such as language, location, number of search results displayed, etc.;
  • storing settings for optimal video display, such as the desired buffer size and the resolution details of your monitor screen;
  • determining your browser settings, to display our website optimally on your screen;
  • detecting misuse of our websites and services, such as the detection of several consecutive failed login attempts;
  • regular reloading of the website, so that the website remains accessible or
  • storing your login data, so you do not have to re-enter it each time.

Some of these cookies are essential for the functioning of our website and can therefore not be blocked; e.g. to determine the number of items in your basket.

2. Analysis services for statistical purposes

In order to determine the content on our website that is most interesting to you, we continuously measure the number of visitors as well as the content that is most frequently viewed. The data collected is used for statistical purposes, such as:

  • determining the number of visitors to our websites;
  • determining the individual visit duration of visits to our websites;
  • determining the order of visits to the various websites;
  • assessing which parts of our website need to be modified; or
  • optimisation of the website.


We use the following services for statistical purposes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Hotjar                                                 


3. Marketing services

We make use of marketing services in order to display or own offers or offers from third parties that may be interesting to you. To do so, we include advertisements from advertising partners or advertising networks, which place third-party cookies that are activated when visiting our website and are only read by the relevant advertising partner. Our objective is only to display advertising that is genuinely interesting to you. For this reason, we use so-called retargeting on our website to display advertising tailored to your interests. The cookies we temporarily store for this purpose allow our retargeting partners to recognise visitors to our website under a pseudonym and to only display products that are likely to be of interest to our visitors.

No personal data or sensitive data are stored in the cookies of our retargeting partners. And the collected data are not merged with data that makes it possible to identify our visitors.

For example, these data serve to:

  • measure the success of the advertising measures used between advertising partners and us and to invoice for them;
  • monitor which advertisements you have already seen and prevent you from seeing the same thing again;
  • record the number of page views on our website;
  • monitor internal searches;
  • monitor calls to action from product sites; or
  • recognise your login status.


We should point out that even if you disable these services for marketing purposes, you might still see advertisements on our website or iBOOD advertisements on other websites. These advertisements may reflect the content of the website you are visiting. You can compare this kind of content-dependent internet advertising to advertising on television - if you watch a television programme about cooking, for example, you often see advertisements for cooking products during commercial breaks.

We use the following services for marketing purposes:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Exchange (FBX)
  • Facebook Custom Audience
  • Google AdWords
  • Google DoubleClick
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing
  • Awin
  • Tradetracker


4. Social media plug-ins

We offer so-called social media plug-ins from different social networks on our website, so you can connect with your social media channels. These plug-ins are labelled with a logo or with the description "social plug-in". When making use of plug-ins, your internet browser makes a direct connection with the relevant social network's servers. When using our website, if you have a registered account with one of these social networks and wish to share our web content, this information will be linked to the relevant account.

The following social media plug-ins are included on our website:

  • Facebook share/like button
  • Google+
  • Twitter


 5. Deletion of cookies

Browser regularly accept cookies by default. If you do not want your browser to do so, you may change this in its settings to first show you a notification. You may even change your browser settings to limited or no acceptance of cookies. You can delete the consent for cookies by deleting all cookies for our website. If you use more than one browser or device, you may need to repeat the change in settings.

Please note that by deleting or disabling iBOOD cookies your experience on our website may be influenced. Some parts of our websites might not function properly anymore, or you may see content you find irrelevant.

The links below take you to the manual on cookie setting for the most used browsers. Do you not understand how it works or are you using another browser? Use the help feature in your browser. * Internet Explorer * Microsoft Edge * Mozilla Firefox * Google Chrome * Safari * Opera

Last updated: 5 june 2018